About ME

Hey, you are really Awesome! Landed here to know more about me. It is a pleasure for me to be familiar with a great person like you.

Hi There,

Believe me, I am not as Awesome as you. It would be better if I could know more about you, a great-hearted person. However, as you have landed on this page to know more about me, how can I stop writing a bit about myself?

No doubt, it is really a great pleasure for me to be familiar with you!

I am Zakaria Binsaifullah, known as Zak as well. Expert in Developing Minimal Website. Now, I want to share my 6+ years of development experience journey.

After completing my Graduation, I started working as a Web developer. Initially, I started developing websites with PHP & MySQL. Really I love PHP ❤️

WordPress has made my working process fast. I started developing WordPress themes & plugins in 2016. It was really an amazing journey.

Always I was concerned about the site’s better performance. Finally, I found Gutenberg Block Editor last 3 years ago. I was really excited about it. It seems to be easier, as it is built with React JS which is my favorite JS library for Frontend Development.

For the last 3 years, I am working with Gutenberg Block Environment. It is really Awesome!!

I am learning and working with different JS Frameworks and Libraries like React JS, and Vue JS.

In short, My Skills Set is –

  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Development.
  • Gutenberg Block Development
  • Site Optimization
  • Frontend Development with React JS/Vue JS
  • Backend Development with PHP-MySQL
  • Backend Development with Node JS – MongDB

I am really excited to know a bit more about you, please write a line about you –